Linen Closet Reveal+ the products that have made such an impact!

Question!? Is there anything that makes you happier than a fresh organized space!?  Katie and I just organized my linen closet and I feel like I can finally breathe!!! You know those daunting tasks that you just avoid bc it seems too overwhelming and you just don’t even want to go there!? For me, it has been my linen closet. It was SO bad guys🤦🏻‍♀️ I cannot tell you how freeing it is to have this checked off my list and feel like there is a place for everything. We have found that sometimes just a few products can make a HUGE difference, and the has definitely been the case here. 



As you can see, there was no system AT ALL. Things were thrown in there and we just hoped a blanket wouldn’t fall before we could shut the door! LOL. The first thing we realized as we set out to organize this space, was that I had WAY too many linens that I didn’t need. Getting rid of things I didn’t need, solved about half of my problems, the other half came in the storage products that we used. Let me show you what we did here!


We found these large totes that fit perfectly between the floor and the first shelf, and the top shelf and the ceiling. They are the perfect size to store all of my pool towels on the bottom and extra pillows at the top. I love these baskets so much and plan to order more for different areas of my house. They are so durable and flexible!


Next we used these amazing lined storage baskets that are perfect to store all of my sheet sets. I put a full set inside a pillowcase so that when it comes time to change sheets, I don’t have to search for all of the different things I need. We also love these baskets because there is a chalkboard label, so if contents change, you can easily change your label.

Our favorite luxury sheets!


Our favorite budget sheets!


Nothing makes me happier than a stack of fresh white towels, and in my opinion a must have for every linen closet:) These towels are specifically for guests, and my kids know they are 100% off limits to them. Every year I replace my towels and wash clothes. I usually buy mine from costco, but if you want to purchase online, these have great reviews and are very budget friendly!


Next we used the same baskets as we stored my sheets in, but these are smaller and perfect for pillow cases and washcloths. Again, these baskets have a chalkboard label so you can always change it if you need to!


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