Gift Guide for Teen Boys 2019

Boys can be super hard to shop for, especially as they get older and are no longer into toys but don’t necessarily want clothes and accessories like teen girls do.  Have no fear we have found the best gift ideas for teen boys this year!  Everything from a good book to sports gear to the latest tech-y toy is on this guide!

  1.  Segway Scooter: Both of our families own these Segway scooters and they have been a HUGE hit.  All of the kids in the neighborhood want to ride them everyday!  It is a bit of a splurge but we PROMISE your boys will love riding them!
  2. Vans:  all ages, both boys and girls, are wearing Vans.  The checkered style seem to be all the rage, but really you can’t go wrong with any style!
  3. Gabb Wireless:  Have you heard of a Gabb phone yet?  We are in love with the concept of this phone!  It looks like a smart phone without all of the options.  They include a touch screen with unlimited talk and text, camera, FM radio, alarm, and calendar.  What we love is that there is no internet access or games, and you cannot send or receive picture messages.  The phone is $99 and the service is $19.99 per month.  The perfect starter phone, or just plain smart for kids to have!  Enter the promo code SWOON19 at checkout for $5 off your order!
  4. Stance Socks:  Remember when it wasn’t cool to get socks for Christmas?  Well it is now if they are Stance socks!  The socks linked here are Stranger Things Stance Socks, which all the teens love.  The possibilities with Stance socks are endless!
  5. Skyline Lego:  In my husband’s family it is a tradition to give the older boys a large Lego set each Christmas.  He grew up doing this every year and sitting with his dad and brothers building their sets all day on Christmas Day.  I love to still get my son a Lego because even though he doesn’t “play with toys” anymore, he loves to sit and build these as a family!
  6. Slam Ball Set:  We love to play this game on the beach or in the yard in the summers, but what I love is that it is small and doesn’t require a ton of space.  Teens love to play this game and could easily do so with friends in the basement or garage when the weather is cold and wet.
  7. Michael Vey Series:  These may appeal to more of a younger teen crowd but my son absolutely LOVES this series as do all of his friends.  If I can find books that he wants to read you better believe those are going under the tree!
  8. Oculus Virtual Reality Game Set:  I have a feeling these virtual reality games may be the 2019 gift of the year for boys!  This one is top-rated among many to choose from.  If you have a boy who loves gaming this is the latest and greatest new thing!
  9. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: We love self-help and personal development books.  This one is awesome for teens and such a great thing for them to read at such a pivotal time in their lives!
  10. Digital Coinbank:  I love this little gadget for storing coins!  My son always has leftover change lying around on his dresser.  This digital jar calculates the total amount as the coins are added to the jar….that is good incentive to put them in there instead of lying around!
  11. Hammock:  My nephews love to use their hammocks wherever they go…even if it isn’t an overnight!  When we have bonfires in the mountains they bring them.  They set them up in their back yard.  This a great functional gift that your son can keep using at anytime of year!
  12. Portable Bluetooth Speaker:  This speaker is top-rated on Amazon, waterproof, and compact making it easy to take with you anywhere!
  13. Bedroom Basketball Hoop:  Isn’t it a rite of passage for a boy to have a hoop on the back of their door to shoot balls in as they lay in bed?  Maybe I have watched too many 80’s movies…..  I love the quality of these!
  14. Wilson Evolution Basketball:  Speaking of basketball, I have just been informed by my son that these are the best basketballs out there and everyone wants one!
  15. Echo Dot:  We have these in each of our kids bedrooms.  They can play music from them without connecting to a device, use as an intercom, use as an alarm clock, ask Alexa questions, even read them stories!
  16. Vega 2-in-1 Scooter: These sold out like hot cakes last year!  Grab one quick for your boy before they are gone again!
  17. Hydroflask:  I love that these water bottles are “cool” because it keeps my son taking water with him everywhere!
  18. Nike Camo Sweatshirt:  Boys may not want clothes like most girls do for Christmas, but a little Nike gear never hurt anyone!  Love this sweatshirt!
  19. Nike Joggers:  And of course we need pants to go with that sweatshirt.  These will match anything else in his closet too!
  20. Hoverboard: I have found that even if my son already has a Hoverboard he still gets excited about a new one! This one lights up and has speakers that you can play your bluetooth music through!

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