7 Healthy Habits to Kick Those Winter Blues

Shouldn’t it be spring already? Isn’t school over yet? We are feelin’ it this winter and are ready for some change. Sometimes, though, you gotta put your head down and push onward! We’ve got some awesome tips to get you through the long winter days ahead–Let’s GO!

Let’s Talk Skin

If you’re caught up on the blog, you probably saw our post dedicated to skin and hair. Did you know that during the winter months, humidity drops like crazy? That means extra dry skin that is basically dying for some nutrients, especially your face. Have no fear! Don’t let the winter make you feel dull; you deserve to glow, even if the sun doesn’t show up for a few weeks. This is one of the best times to head to your dermatologist, or look into some new products. Take advantage of not being in the sun every day and rejuvenate, hydrate, exfoliate… all the “-ates” that your skin is craving.

One of our favorite, easy-to-use products is Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam. It lasts forever, is a quick fix to feeling better, and literally makes your skin glow. Not to mention its way cheaper than getting a spray tan. Winning!



Lighten Up, Literally.

Have you ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? It’s a real thing. (SAD) is a syndrome characterized by recurrent depressions that occur annually at the same time each year, and usually tend to occur during the long, dark winter months. Most people suffer from this and don’t even realize it!

We suggest opening your curtains and shades every day to let natural light into your home. Then, carve out some time for yourself each morning to sit in front of your Micro Light Therapy Lamp, a UV-free bright-light therapy light. YES, this is a real thing and it’s incredible! Even better than that, it’s affordable and it works. All you need is 30 minutes a day: you can read, meditate, watch a show, or drink some tea and relax… just do it all in front of your light and it will literally turn your day and mood around.


Eat and Drink Smarter

The gray months can often lead to lethargy… or just feeling kind of lazy in general. You might find yourself snacking more, especially on heavy carbs or sweets because that’s what we do sometimes! And that’s totally FINE, but we’ve noticed that after a few days of it, we’re ready to move on.

It’s really incredible what a crunchy salad can do, filled with your favorite protein and dressing. Or, if you’ve got that sweet tooth that’s hanging on for dear life, keep some dark chocolate nearby that’s ready for a quick grab. Do you have a favorite refreshing drink? Whip it up! Life is too short to cut out all the things we secretly love, but when you can find some moderation, everything gets better!

We love our liquids, especially on days that feel a little long. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick me up with something cold, or a yummy hot drink to wind down at night, these tumblers elevate the entire experience. We found CHILLOUT LIFE stainless steel tumblers and are sold. Cutest color selections, insulated for both hot and cold drinks, 3 sizes to choose from, and a slash-proof lid (calling all moms with little kids!).

Treat yourself and spice up your drink life!



Just Do It.

Exercise… it’s a not only healthy for your body, but it’s healthy for your mind. Did you know that something as simple as walking fast for about 35 minutes a day five times a week, or 60 minutes a day three times a week improved symptoms of mild to moderate depression? Exercising under bright lights may be even better for seasonal depression: A preliminary study found that exercise under bright light improved general mental health, social functioning, depressive symptoms, and vitality, while exercise in ordinary light improved vitality only. These are legitimate statistics and something we definitely believe in. You know what else works? Grab a friend. Everything’s always better in twos.

Sometimes, a new little somethin’ somethin’ can help jumpstart you into a new routine. We are obsessed with these leggings and have goals to own a pair in every color. They fit just right, high waist, don’t move, and they’re super soft. Get yourself some and start moving!




Nothing gets us moving and in a better mood more than good music. And we’re not talking some random background noise… we mean TURN IT UP and let all the bad blues go! Researchers showed that listening to upbeat or cheery music significantly improved participant’s mood in both the short and long term. Can’t argue with science!

We love our music and we love it loud. This Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker has incredible sound, and literally goes throughout the entire house. There’s nothing like a good dance party to boost everyone’s mood to get them and you happily out the door.



Serve Others.

One sure-fire way to kick the winter blues is to get out and do something for someone else. It’s really easy to become a hermit and get lost in your own world when the outside is sad and gray and cold. But there are so many opportunities for you and your kids to get out into the community and see who needs help! Ladling out soup at the local shelter or volunteering your time can improve mental health and overall life satisfaction.

There’s nothing worse in the winter than cold feet, and we can guarantee there are hundreds of homeless people in your area who are spending long winter nights out in the cold. Why not pass out some HotHands Toe and Hand Warmers? It’s an affordable, simple, but a very effective way to help those who have a whole lot less than we do.



Get Outside and Breathe

Sometimes talking yourself into taking a walk when the temperatures plummet isn’t easy, but the benefits are big: Spending time outside (even when it’s chilly!) can improve focus, reduce symptoms of SAD, and lower stress levels. It’s also an excellent way to refocus on goals, big and small. Time to yourself is time well spent! Might as well get yourself a cute beanie to keep your head warm, while you’re at it. These NEFF winter hats are soft, warm, and come in all the colors.


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