Toddler Boy Gift Guide

Between the two of us, we have 9 kids, including 5 boys, meaning we have gone through A LOT of toys. These are our TRIED AND TRUE toddler boy toys. We have almost every single one of these items, and have found them to used over and over and have lasted through the years!

  1. Magformers! We have been obsessed with these magnetic tiles for years now! They are played with ALL the time! My favorite part about them is, they use their imagination to make different things, and they are SO easy to clean up!
  2. Balance Bike. We are HUGE belivers in balance bikes! both of our boys have been able to skip right over training wheels after mastering the balance bike.
  3. Beyblades. These are all the rage with the toddler boys right now. Our boys are midly obsessed and have remained high on the wishlist all year long.
  4. Turbo Bot. A remote control robot that moves fast and is full of personality! You can command your robot to spin, dance, or even tell a joke! This toy is a hot item this year.
  5. Climbing tower. Your toddler will have endless fun on this monkey bar climbing tower! A perfect thing to put in your basement during the winter or in your backyard for the summer!
  6. Melissa and Doug Magnetic dress up set. My kids love these sets! They are sturdy wooden figures with 26 different outfits. Build a fireman, superhero ect. This has lasted forever!
  7. Crayola Light Board. These are so fun! You draw on it, and then turn it on to see your art glow. Screen is wipeable for unlimited creativity.
  8. Wiggle Cars. These cars never get old! You wiggle back and forth to make it go!
  9. Tool workbench. My toddler boys have always loved tools! This bench is so cute and comes with 35 different tools!
  10. Knetic Sand! We are HUGE fans of kinetic sand…def A MUST HAVE! This is for sure one of our most used toys! My kids will play with the sand for hours. It isnt messy, and cleans up really easy! We love to buy different molds every so often to keep it fun!
  11. Train table. If youve got a train lover on your hands, a train table is a must have. We have this particular one and have loved the storage drawer!
  12. Marble Run. These are so much fun and provide HOURS of entertainment!!
  13. Mini Thomas Trains. My toddler LOVES these mini trains! He has so much fun hooking them together and zooming them around the house. I brought them with us to a restraunt, and he sat there the whole time just connecting them!
  14. Bounce House. If you have been around a while, then you know our love for this thing! Our boys are obsessed. Perfect to use indoor or outdoor.
  15. Micro-Kickboard Scooter. We are long time fans of the micro-kickboard. They are the perfect scooter for any age, and are made to last!
  16. Dino Fossil dig kit. This is a new toy to me, but my sister in law told me that her boys LOVE these. Comes with dino eggs made out of dirt that you use digging tools to discover the dinosaurs inside. My kids love anything that has a surprise inside, so I think toddler boys would love this!
  17. Melissa and Doug Icecream parlor: My kids (especially my toddler boy) Love this! It is so cute, and made to last!
  18. Wall climbing remote control car! This remote control car not only races on the ground, but can climb walls and celings! So much fun!
  19. Melissa and Doug Jigsaw Puzzles. My toddler LOVES these! He is constantly asking to do them, and they never seem to get old.
  20. Rocket Stomper! We just got one of these, bc my son couldnt get enough of it while at his cousins house. You stomp on the pad, and it sends a foam rocket up into the air (up to 100 feet.)

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